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  • Carol Jackson, LPC

What is ART?

Updated: May 23, 2023

Have you ever had an image or thought stuck in your mind that is hard to shake? Sometimes things happen in life that leave us feeling overwhelmed or shut down by the mere thought of it. Our body may experience symptoms such as tension, rapid heart rate, nausea, anxiety, intense sadness, flashbacks, nightmares, etc. long after an incident has occurred. Finding a therapy that helps to address the incident as well as the way your body responds is an important step towards healing.

Impact Counseling is now offering a new and upcoming therapy called Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART). Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART) is an evidence-based therapy that uses eye movements, body sensations, and revisualizations to address common problems such as trauma, depression, anxiety, phobias, codependency, addiction, and many more. The use of eye movements helps to process information quickly and effectively, while also giving the added benefit of soothing the body. ART is NOT hypnosis, during an ART session a client is completely conscious and in control. In ART, we say “Keep the Knowledge, Lose the Pain” because ART helps to disconnect negative feelings from the memory of the experience. ART helps clients to use their own values, strengths, and problem-solving abilities to work through problems and towards solutions. ART is also different in that you do not have to share the details or talk about the problem. This is especially helpful for times that are too hard to talk about, or even for those who cannot disclose information such as military or police. ART has been shown to help clients alleviate their symptoms within 1-5 sessions and clients often report leaving feeling lighter and more empowered.

Contact our office today to meet with one of our ART trained clinicians to see if Accelerated Resolution Therapy is right for you.

Carol Jackson, LPC

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