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  • Mark Rhodes, LPC

The Banana of the Brain

Have your ever wondered why some people are really organized and intentional in their lives, while others struggle finding things, being on time, or being disorganized? The cingulate cortex, referred to as the banana of the brain (because it is shaped like a banana), is primarily responsible for organizational and sequencing skills in the brain. One pediatric neurologist noted that people either have a well developed organizational sense or have a "squirrel brain." So what can you do if you have a "squirrel brain?" The bad news is that there is not any medication that develops these skills. The good news is that people who struggle with sequencing and disorganization can practice basic organizational skills or be mentored by an organized person. Disorganization or sequencing struggles are not character flaws, but a skill set that needs to be developed over a period of time. Counseling can also help develop organizational skills and time management.

So, what are some basic organizational skills to practice if you struggle with your banana brain? Here are a few of our favorite tips:

- Keep a physical or electronic planner. This usually takes a lot of discipline to get started, but once you are in the habit, it makes life so much easier!

- Utilize any organizational app; experiment until you find one that works for you.

- Spend a day organizing your house, and set rules for where things belong. Begin to practice putting your keys, wallet, mail, or any other important item in the exact same place every day, no matter what!

- Set reminders on your phone. Every time you remember something important, immediately put a reminder on your phone. Likewise, if you're trying to build certain organizational habits, set up daily reminders to help you stick with it.

- When possible, keep to a basic schedule every day. This could mean you have set times for going to sleep, waking, eating, exercising, and chores.

Let us know your favorite organization tips that help your banana brain function optimally in the comments!

Mark Rhodes, LPC

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