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  • Heather Craig, LPC

Play Therapy, Sounds like fun!

Updated: May 23, 2023

Child centered play therapy is a researched based type of play therapy which is led by the child. The premise is that children naturally play; therefore, it is their form of expression. When adult walk into a therapy room they talk; when kids walk in, they play. Initially kids go through an exploratory phase in the play room eventually moving on to a theme they are trying to work out. Similar to adults in talk therapy sessions!

The relationship with the therapist in child centered play therapy is unique to

the child in that all other adults are teaching, directing, and guiding them at all times, which

is useful, helpful, and necessary. The benefit of this type of relationship in therapy is that is removes the pressure for the child to perform for the adult. It allows them to focus on themselves and their experiences. In the special playroom they don’t even have to clean up!

Child centered play therapy has been shown to be effective for a variety of issues including trauma, anxiety, depression, behavioral issues, grief, and adjustment periods. Child centered play therapy builds self-efficacy, provides symptom reduction, as well as provides a good therapeutic foundation for children in their impressionable years.

We provide both directive and child centered play therapy interventions here at Impact. We have a dedicated team of therapists who would love to work with your child to find healing!

Heather Craig, LPC, MA.

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